Unlock Profit: Your 2024 Print-on-Demand Merch Guide

print on demand merch

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about print on demand merch. What it is, who can implement it, best print on demand merch companies, how to start a print on demand merch store and some tips and tricks. 

Let’s understand what print on demand merch is before we go ahead.

What is print on demand merch?

Print on demand merch is a business model in which brands offer unique products to their customers through third-party manufacturers without maintaining warehouses of pre-made goods. In the print on demand merch business, products are printed and delivered directly to customers, eliminating the threat and excess costs associated with traditional inventory-led models.


Entrepreneurs can bring their ideas to life without dealing with inventory management and huge upfront costs. Print on demand merch allows brands to be at the forefront of driving market trends, testing new ideas with POD Merch, and meeting their consumers’ constantly evolving needs.


With its ease of use, customization options, and fast turnaround time, print-on-demand merch has become an increasingly beloved choice of novel entrepreneurs and brands striving to develop and reach more customers.


Who can start a Print on Demand Merch Brand?

One of the unique advantages of the print-on-demand merch business is that it is accessible to people with varied backgrounds. Hence, players from different walks of life can benefit from it.



1. Aspiring Entrepreneurs

POD Merch gives extremely minimal investment and is a way for those looking to start their own business. The tiny initial investment and lack of inventory control hassles make it a fit for a starter business.

2. Artists and Designers

Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or visual artist or just interested in producing amazing designs, POD Merch enables you to monetize your unique abilities.

3. Content Creators

Instagrammers, bloggers, and social media entities can use the print on demand merch platform to earn money from content creation while broadening the scope of their brands, resulting in the sale of physical products.


4. Established Brands

Even the most popular brands have the potential to tap into the opportunities offered by POD Merch and use them to expand their product portfolio, create new designs, and approach new customer segments without having to struggle to manage their product inventories.


POD Merch’s flexible business model offers a low threshold for anyone looking to turn their creative ideas into a profitable venture, regardless of background or experience.


3 Best Print on Demand Merch Companies

Printchester print on demand website in india

Printchester has become a pioneer in print on demand merch, offering many personalized products and top-notch service. Printchester makes it easy to promote your designs on various quality merchandise, such as T-shirts, Hoodies, and Oversized T-shirts

Key Features:

Free Design Tool: Printchester’s easy-to-use design tool integrated within the app lets you create text-based designs quickly and express creative ideas without hassle.

Mockup Generator: You can download a mockup using any art and see how your designs look without doing a photoshoot.

Custom Branding: Printchester supplies premium branding options, enabling you to consistently integrate your brand logo into all your clothing items.

Merchant Panel:  This enables you to manage all your designs, order placement, tracking, invoices, sales, and billing under one dashboard. 

Unlimited Print Placement: Customize your designs to print anywhere on the merchandise, with no constraints on the placement of the print, and get an edge over your competitors, allowing maximum creative expression.

Integration: Integration services available for the e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce. 


Free Sign-up: Printchester will provide free registration, and you can kick off your career without upfront payments.

No Hidden Fees: Printchester is free from hidden charges and commissions.

No Minimum Order Requirement: Printchester has no minimum orders across all sizes of businesses.

Competitive Product Pricing: Printchester offers competitive pricing for all products. 

Printful design software

Key Features:


Extensive Product Catalog: Printful provides an array of customizable products, including apparel, accessories, home décor, and various others, which enables you to effectively meet the diverse needs of your target audience.


Seamless Integration: E-commerce integration is available with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy, and listing and managing your POD products is straightforward.


Superior Quality: Printful is known for manufacturing premium items; each item is checked and consequently complies with high-quality standards.


Fast Fulfillment: Printful will process orders quickly and send them in the best conditions so your customers will receive their products quickly and generally.


Competitive Pricing: Printful’s POD products are very affordable, allowing you to make extra profit by selling to your customers at a price they will value.



Free Sign-up: Printful grants you free registration, not demanding any initial expenditure.


Monthly Fees: Printful has a paid plan of $24.99/month, and by subscribing, you can obtain more capabilities and privileges.


Competitive Product Pricing: Printful’s per-product prices are cheaper than Teespring because high-volume orders are managed effectively.


3. Teespring


Key Features:


Apparel: Teespring provides a variety of customizable t-shirts, hoodies, etc


Design Tools: The platform provides simple design tools that help users create and customize products with little effort.


Marketing: Teespring has many marketing options and resources that businesses can use to advertise their POD products and increase sales.


Shipping: It enables Teespring to fulfill and send the orders directly to the customers, making the shopping process simple and easy.




Free Plan Available: Teespring also offers a free plan for users to try.


Pricing Structure: Teespring works based on service fees, which vary according to the choice of products and customization features.


Potential for Higher Costs: Teespring’s starting product prices may be slightly higher, particularly for orders with relatively lower volumes.


Minimum Order Requirement: There are minimum order requirements for some Teespring products and customization features.


Steps to Start a Profitable Print-on-Demand Merch Business

1. Choose a lucrative niche

  • Research trending points and keyword popularity using services like Google Trends and Exploding Topics. This will, in turn, assist you with finding niches with high interest and potential growth.
  • Evaluate your goal market to know their interests, problems, and buying patterns. Connect to what they like and what product they would probably buy.
  • Examine the competition in the field you’ve chosen. Find perspectives or vacant spaces where you can make your products uniquely appealing and thus fulfill your customers’ needs.
  • When choosing your niche, consider seasonality, competition, and scalability factors. Strive to uncover a market with continuous demands and sustainable potential.


2. Research different brands and products

  • Estimate the best-selling products in that niche and highlight their traits, design, and cost. That is one of the ways you will discover what evokes emotions and engagement from your target customers.


  • Calculate each product’s production costs, shipping expenses, and desired profit margins to establish its profitability. Look for products with a mix of demand and high-margin profits.



3. Design Unique and Visually Attractive Products

  • Create interesting designs that appeal to consumers and show personality and brand values. Consider adding trendy designs, slogans, or personalized features. 


  • It’s important to create visually distinctive and high-quality designs that meet the needs of your shoppers. Doing so will help your products stand out from the competition and promote brand awareness.


  • Use tools and resources by your POD platform to create high-quality designs without needing advanced graphic design skills.


  • Ensure you are always on top of all the design trends and refine your offerings to maintain your consumers’ interest.


4. Find a Reliable POD Platform

  • Carry out the research and compare the features, prices, and reputation of platforms like Printful, Teespring, and Printchester.


  • Assess the site’s selection of goods, printing quality, capability to fulfill orders, and connectivity to online marketplaces.


  • Examine the platform’s customer support, simplicity of use, and other advantages that will benefit your business, such as marketing tools or design features.


  • Select a POD platform that matches your business targets, cares for customers, and provides an easy-to-use experience for you and your customers.


5. Set Up Your Online Store

  • Transform your online presence into a professional e-commerce store with user-friendly and attractive marketplaces like Shopify, WooCommerce, or the in-built stores of your preferred POD platforms.


  • Optimize the store design, navigation, and product presentation to allow users to browse more comfortably. Then, increase the number of converted visitors.


  • For a strong and unique brand, it is important to consistently apply branding elements like your logo and color scheme.


6. Promote Your Print on Demand Merch Brand

  • Create a comprehensive marketing plan that includes social media, influencer collaborations, email marketing, and targeted ads.


  • Utilize marketing tools like social media integration and native advertising functions provided by the POD system.


  • Develop engaging content like videos highlighting your products, fashion imagery, and an informative blog post to sell your products and build brand recognition.


  • Facilitate customer reviews and user-generated content to build social proofing and foster a strong customer base.


  • Keep on optimizing your marketing activities according to data and feedback from consumers.


7. Track and Optimize Your Marketing Efforts

  • Track major performance indicators, including sales, conversion rates, cost of customer acquisition, and profit margins, to assess the development and viability of your POD business model.


  • Keep an eye on your sales figures to identify your best sellers, popular collections, and effective marketing channels. Such insights might help you improve your product lines and marketing campaigns.


  • Evaluate customer feedback, reviews, and engagement to determine what your target audience favors and dislikes. Use this data to create better product designs and customer experiences and to improve your business operations.


  • Continually test new product ideas, marketing campaign tactics, and sales methods to identify areas of growth and improvement. Emphasize being a data-driven and iterative approach.


Tips for POD Merch Business Success

1. Understand Your Audience

Research your target audience to understand their interests, needs, and fears. Discover the important trends and popular products in your selected niche using services such as Google Trends.

2. Create Unique Designs

Create striking designs that express your brand’s character and inspire your targeted customers.


3. Select a Robust POD System

Conduct thorough research to determine the most popular POD platforms’ features, price, and reputation.

For instance, you might consider the platform’s customer service, ease of use, and additional features to help your business.

Choose the POD platform that aligns with your business objectives and delivers an attractive platform for your business and customers.

4. Create A User-Friendly Website

Maximizing the store’s layout, navigation process, and product arrangement to increase the customer experience.

Ensure your store is mobile-friendly and can work on different smart devices.

5. Market Your Print on Demand Merch Brand

Use social media, influencer partnerships, email campaigns, and digital ads. 


Create interesting content like product videos, and blog posts for useful information.

Collect customer reviews and user-generated content creation to build social proof and improve brand loyalty, respectively.


The Future of POD Merch: Is it Profitable?

POD technology has greatly grown, and it is a promising business. So, let’s start with the fundamental figures highlighting the profitable trend of selling POD merch in 2024.


Market Size and Growth

The global print-on-demand market was valued at USD 5.39 billion in 2022. The POD market is forecast to increase sharply, reaching $51.6 billion by 2028 and a CAGR of 22.7% for the next ten years (2024-2032).

Profit Margins

According to an analysis by Shopify, print shops could make a margin of 15% to 20%.

The Apparel Print-on-Demand market, a significant part of the POD industry, is projected to grow by 6.2% CAGR in 2023, with revenue estimated at $652.94 million.

Emerging Trends

Demand for print-on-demand surged at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and remains high even now compared to earlier days of the pandemic.

Personalized products are in demand because, nowadays, customers are ready to pay more for customized and unique items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the print-on-demand market is supposed to grow by 15-20%, and the market size is expected to be $51.6 billion by 2028.

In addition to that, the main start-up costs for a POD merch business are the website hosting fee, subscription to an e-commerce platform, in-house design software, and POD service provider fee. Different entrepreneurs may have different amounts of assets to start with.

Some of the most lucrative POD merch product ideas involve personalizing t-shirts, phone cases, customizable mugs, distinctive throw pillows, personalized tote bags, stickers with your own design, and wall art with heartfelt messages.

Essential strategies that would ensure our business’s success include concentrating on

  • producing high-quality,
  • unique designs,
  • continuously tracking trends,
  • using marketing tools,
  • improving the customer experience,
  • increasing production, and
  • using sales data to make decisions.

Top print on demand merch companies are 

  • Printchester
  • Printful
  • Teespring


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