Top Print-on-demand Niches to Try out in 2024

print on demand niches

Having a clarity on who your audience is and their preferences is one of the most important factors to run a successful print on demand business. It’s important to choose a print on demand niches which is high in demand, profitable and has minimum competition. 

This post will explain a print on demand niches and provide a thorough list of ideas with examples.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a focused, pinpointed portion of the fragment made up of consumers who have shared needs, aspirations, and interests. Regarding print on demand, a niche can allow for the supply of customized products that efficiently respond to the needs of a designated customer group.


15 Most Profitable print on demand niches

1. Health and Fitness

pod niche health and fitness

This segment meets the need for activewear, wellness goods, and fitness-motivated merchandise as interest in a healthier lifestyle builds up. It covers an incredibly diverse product line, including products for health-minded people, physical fitness enthusiasts, and those who just want to stay active.

Design Ideas:


  • Make yoga apparel and equipment with high performance and great style, and have motivational designs.
  • Create a new trend for workout clothes and activewear that will appeal to fitness lovers.
  • Create fitness-motivating slogans.

2. Pets and Animals

pod niche pets and animals

While pet businesses are still growing, the niche will be an attractive market for print-on-demand businesses. From cat and dog-themed merchandise to wildlife conservation-themed products, there is a market you can successfully enter if you consider the strong emotional attachment people have with their furry (and not-so-furry) companions.

Design Ideas:


  • Make funny and friendly cats-themed t-shirts, cups, and home decor pieces.
  • Designing apparel to communicate love for dogs and other pets.
  • Design products that contribute to information and the provision of support to endangered animal species.

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3. Humor and Memes

pod niche humor and memes

Utilizing the power of humor and viral internet trends, this niche spans a wide range of products that respond to the continuously growing market for funny, easygoing, and witty designs. You are guaranteed a successful business if your merchandise includes memes and humor.

Design Ideas:


  • Fashion light-hearted printed t-shirts and hoodies to satisfy the high demand for playful clothing.
  • Present the ready-to-use meme-style stickers and phone cases that reflect the up-to-date online fashion.

4. Personalized Gifts

pod niche personalized gifts

Owing to the increasing consumer focus on individual and personal products, the personalized gifts niche has particularly great prospects for small business owners. From custom photo products to customizable apparel, the niche opens up an avenue to create unique items catered to special events, significance, and self-expression.

Design Ideas:


  • Consider creating T-shirts that can be printed with names, initials, or customized messages of their choice.
  • Develop unique, exclusive gifts that have the power of thinking and are intended to be presented for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations.

5. Outdoor and Adventure

pod niche outdoor and adventrues

With the emergence of more outdoor enthusiasts who prefer to witness the scenic beauty of nature, niche adventure and outdoor activity has grown immensely. This industry includes tents and backpacks, adventure-themed home or office decorations, and survival tools that provide campers and hikers with necessary products.

Design Ideas:

  • Design a robust and durable clothing line for hikers, campers, and nature lovers alike.
  • Create adventure-themed art for t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel.

6. Inspirational and Motivational

pod niche inspirational and motivational

Owing to the increasing consumer focus on individual and personal products, the personalized gifts niche has particularly great prospects for small business owners. From custom photo products to customizable apparel, the niche opens up an avenue to create unique items catered to special events, significance, and self-expression.

Design Ideas:

  • Design uplifting t-shirts with encouraging words, affirmations, positive quotes, and empowering phrases.
  • Create customizable productivity tools and lifestyle accessories according to customers’ preferences in pursuing their goals.

7. Holidays and Seasonal

pod niche holidays and seasonal

Utilizing the cyclical nature of holidays and seasonal events, this niche represents a wider variety of opportunities. The diversity of this print on demand niche allows you to cater to the changing consumer demands with Christmas or Halloween-themed merchandise or nationalistic and patriotic products.

Design Ideas:

  • Craft festive apparel for the holidays, like Christmas.
  • Create creepy and amusing Halloween merchandise.
  • Develop merchandise designs that celebrate national pride and patriotism, resonating with the customers’ sense of belonging and identity.
  • Create a seasonal line of wearables that can be worn throughout the year.

8. Hobbies and Interests

pod niche hobbies and interests

This specific print on demand niche segment includes broad-spectrum products like crafting and DIY supplies, game and esports merchandise as well as the necessities of those who are into hobbies and hobbyists.

Design Ideas:

  • Design apparel for art and do-it-yourself activities like sewing, knitting, and scrapbooking.
  • Introduce gamers and esports stuff in line with t-shirts and collectibles.
  • Develop product lines targeting specific pastimes such as acrylics, photography, calligraphy, fishing, and camping.
  • Create custom-tailored items that match their hobbies and interests.

9. Geek & Pop Culture

pod niche geek and pop culture

Taking advantage of the long-time existence of geek culture and common pop culture references’ popularity in the narrow niche is feasible. There are many chances out there. From comics-inspired merchandise to items related to anime and gaming, you’ll be able to satisfy all the passions of devoted fans and professionals.

Design Ideas:

  • Lead in producing apparel inspired by the iconic superhero and comic books.
  • Develop attractive clothing and various items with popular anime and manga characters.
  • Provide the latest releases in TV shows, merch, movies, and video game apparel.
  • Leveraging nostalgic and retrospective pop culture references, appealing to the most loyal fans.

10. Parenting and Family

pod niche parenting and family

Over the years, in parallel with the family dynamic change, the parenting niche has become increasingly profitable. This niche brainstorms a wide array of products meant to address the needs of parents, caregivers, and families, like personalized gifts and educational and development items.

Design Ideas:

  • Create custom family apparel.
  • Design home and office accessories that symbolize the happiness and difficulties of a family life.
  • Suggest personalized and novel gift recommendations for new parents, growing families, and special days.

11. Environmental and Sustainability

pod niche enviormental and

The heightened sense of the environment has spurred the opening of eco-industry and sustainable drives. Determining such a niche will help the company create a line of goods seen as an escape route for consumers who support ethical and environmentally friendly companies, ranging from organic apparel to recycled and upcycled merchandise.

Design Ideas:

  • Provide environmentally friendly and organically sourced clothing.
  • Make products from recycled or upcycled materials as raw materials.
  • Use nature-inspired designs and also propagate environmental conservation campaigns.

12. Mental Health and Self-care


Exploring this print on demand niche has become a top priority at a time when self-care and mental health outcomes are placed higher than ever before. By providing products that cultivate mindfulness, relieve stress, and support emotional and psychological development, you can meet the increasing demand for items that facilitate self-improvement and betterment.

Design Ideas:

  • Create a clothing line for yoga, meditation, and other mental health practices.
  • Design inspiration and affirmation-oriented products
  • Consider creative gift options such as self-care and personal development items in packaged sets.

13. Astrology and Spirituality

pod niche Astrology and Spirituality

The fast-growing interest in astrology, spirituality, and mysticism inspires a market segment where you could implement new knowledge. Having products that strike a chord with self-seeking individuals who want to find themselves through personal growth or a deeper connection to the universe will place you in a target market with a loyal and passionate fan base.

Design Ideas:

  • Develop the brand concept by labeling apparel with a zodiac theme.
  • Make your products that glorify stones, tarot, and other spiritual practices.

14. Nostalgia and Retro

pod niche Nostalgia and Retro

By leveraging the power of nostalgia in this specific market, nostalgia-inspired products will give customers a sense of comfort and belonging. Retro fashion and vintage interior design would be part of the segment. Consumers who want an escape from fast living nowadays would surely want to buy them.

Design Ideas:

  • Generate nostalgic collectibles and souvenirs that cause the customers to recall the most comfortable and pleasant memories of their life in their country.
  • Utilize the experience of nostalgia to connect with customers who desire the exploration of the past.

15. Disability and Inclusivity

pod niche Disability and Inclusivity

With the world becoming more mindful about giving inclusivity and accessibility a chance, the disability and inclusivity niche becomes a valued opportunity to be proud of. As a business, you can create a strong base of loyal customers and be a part of a more empowering community by supporting people with disabilities with products that will suit their needs.

Design Ideas:

  • Design adaptive clothing items targeting different abilities.
  • Launch disability-themed and decorative household as well as office aids.
  • Create motivational and stimulating merchandise that celebrates diversity and encourages inclusivity. 
  • Develop commodities that advocate for the inclusion of people with disability.

How to Choose Top Print on Demand Niches?

1. Analyze Market Demand

The first step is to understand the existing market dynamics and consumer know-how. Establish the item categories and design models that are more popular and have sustainable sales. Work at finding spots with rising interest and search volume.

2. Assess Profitability

Calculate the profitability assigned to every niche using product pricing, production costs, and expected sales volume. Study the products with greater margins and the potential to expand the business.

3. Evaluate Competition

Look at the rivalry level in the niches you plan to enter. Discern niches with minimalist to medium competition, and differentiate your products from others to be ahead of your competitors in the market.

4. Consider Your Interests and Expertise

Identify segments in which your interests, vision, and proficiency actively cross. Apart from that, doing this would not only make the product development process more fun but also, along the way, help you understand and serve your target audience better.

5. Identify Emerging Trends

You need to carefully track the latest trends and be ready to meet the changing requirements of your customers. Besides being reactive, look for unexploited niches expected to result in sustainable growth and profitability.


Through these stages, you will know the right print-on-demand niches that give your business an unparalleled chance to shine. Track market movements and tweak your tactics when appropriate to maintain your leadership in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

The top profitable print-on-demand niches in 2024 include health and fitness, pets and pets, humor and memes, personalized gifts, and outdoor/adventure.

Although profitability can vary among print-on-demand niches, health and fitness, pets, and personalized gifts have witnessed higher profit margins and significant growth in the print-on-demand market.

To choose profitable print-on-demand niches, analyze market demand, test profitability, evaluate the competition, consider your interests, and focus on emerging trends.

Certainly, print-on-demand would still be a profitable business model in 2024, provided you target niche markets and offer uncommon but excellent products.

It is worth mentioning some unexplored areas in print-on-demand due to low competition. These include niches in print-on-demand niches like sports, spirituality and astrology, nostalgia and retro, and disability and inclusiveness.

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