10 Major Profitable Print-On-Demand Products of 2024

Print on demand products

Are you staring an online print on demand business or looking to grow your eCommerce business, then this guide is for you. Our best-selling list of print on demand products make the most profitable additions to your online catalog.


So you don’t have to do a reseach, we have done it for you. These products are not just profitable but evergreen and has a huge market demand. Using your print-on-demand designs, you can scale your business and make your brand stand out. 


Before we dive-in, lets see what print on demand products are. 

What are print on demand products?

POD means Print on demand, where any product can be personalized, and you will not require any press print until someone places an order.

POD items can be personalized with the user’s specific choices, such as a design or text.
POD products are handmade in small quantities, not stacked in large, conventional warehouses.
They are usually produced when an order is placed and not in batches.
No Upfront Inventory:
It eliminates the need for sellers to invest or keep a physical stock of POD products.
The task of the POD supplier is to manufacture, store, order, and deliver the orders.

Why are Print on Demand Products becoming very versatile in the market?

Print-on-demand products are becoming popular for several reasons:

Low Startup Costs

POD eliminates the initial warehouse, stock, and distribution costs. The entrepreneur is responsible for selling the physical product.


Customization and Personalization

The fact that they can get unique products made by themselves according to their tastes attracts people who like to have personalized things.

POD provides sellers the ability to offer customers highly customizable products with a wide variety of designs to choose from.


Reduced Inventory Risk

In POD, sellers produce items only as ordered and incur no risk of unsold inventory.


Scalability and Flexibility

POD services increase operational efficiency by eliminating additional inventory management. Vendors may upload new products, try different designs, and change their assortment according to customer preferences.


Passive Income Potential

POD allows sellers to design and list their unique products for sale with minimal labor at the beginning.

This will result in a continuous flow of passive income as the POD supplier fills orders without your effort.


Diverse Product Offerings

POD provides diverse product categories, including apparel, accessories, home decor, and stationery. This enables the suppliers to tap into diverse customer interests and markets.


Outsourced Fulfillment

In addition to marketing, design, and customer experience, the POD manufacturers control the remaining procedures involving manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.


Top 10 Best Selling Print on demand Products to Be Sold

These top items attract a wide audience because they meet consumers’ demands for price, quality, style, and convenience.

  • There are many styles of t-shirts, so it becomes possible for customers to print their own designs in various ways


  • Stress the importance of creating exclusive, stylish, or specialty designs that cater to your target audience.


  • Add many styles of shirts, colors, and sizes to attract more customers.


  • Use cultural pop references, inspirational quotes, or personalized designs to increase sales.
  • Comfortable and versatile joggers have emerged as one of the most lucrative print on demand products due to their combination of style with comfort.  
  • Other jogger styles that can be offered include classic, tapered, or slim-fit to accommodate various body shapes and personal preferences.
  • Incorporate special design elements, such as contrasting panels, pockets, or drawstring waistbands, to enhance your jogger offerings further.
  • To create visually appealing and on-trend jogger designs, you might want to leverage popular color trends like neutral shades, earthy tones, bold hues, etc.
  • Customers are targeted by promoting them as comfortable yet stylish options for lounging around the home, exercising, or running errands, thus making them versatile.
  • Sweatshirts with graphics, words, or brand marks are comfortable and multipurpose clothing.


  • Make sure to carry a variety of styles, colors, and fits catering to diverse needs and body shapes.


  • Apply seasonal trends, like cozy winter designs or summer items, to keep your product range appealing to consumers.


  • Look for chances to collaborate with influencers, brands, charities, etc., to create unique hoodie and sweatshirt collections.


4. Mugs

  • Personalized mugs with photos, text, and/or graphics are perfect gifts for any occasion and everyday items.


  • Offer single-sided or wrap-around printing options to make branding and creativity more versatile.


  • Hoodies are a timeless favorite in the POD market because they look great and comfortable.


  • However, you can even offer various hooded sweatshirts, such as classic pullovers, zip-ups, or oversized ones, to accommodate different clients’ preferences.


  • Also include eye-catching images, bold letters, or all-over printing to make our hoodies distinct and pleasing to look at.


  • Furthermore, you could produce these hoods in various colors, from soft shades to bright ones, to echo recent fashion trends while meeting customer needs.


  • We should sell it on the company website as everyday wear, a casual outing outfit, or something warm under your coat in winter.


6. Canvas

Canvas prints allow you to turn your favorite images, paintings, and designs into wall decor items. Partner with artists or photographers to develop and sell unique art collections on canvas.


7. Phone cases

Phone cases are cool, in-demand print on demand products that can be embellished with photos, text, or figures. Consider setting up themed collections or cooperating with influencers and brands to widen your product line.

8. Tote bags

Reusable tote bags with exclusive designs are eco-friendly and smart accessories. To attract specific groups, design products that connect to trendy movements, favored hobbies, and various lifestyles.


  • Because of their comfort, fashion appeal, and flexibility, oversized t-shirts have become a popular and profitable Print on demand product.
  • Among the loose styles, slouchy fits or boxy cuts can also be witnessed to bring variations to the market
  • Text graphics, bold phrases, or intriguing artwork can be used to create unique and eye-catching oversized T-shirt designs.
  • It could also be beneficial to introduce the plus-sized shirts in additional colors, such as neutral ones and vivid colors, to address the needs of a wider spectrum
  • You can market oversized T-shirts to trendy casual wear finders or those looking for an athleisure option.

10. Socks

Make printed socks with either design, logo, or personalized as fun yet practical print on demand products. Include sizing options to increase your customer base.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Print on Demand Products

When selecting the profitable print on demand products to sell, consider the following factors:

Demand and Trends:

Research top and trending categories of products in your target market.

Track industry reports, social media, and competitor analysis to recognize new opportunities.


Profit Margins:

Analyze the costs of production, shipping, and the desired profit margins to determine which products have the largest margins. Take into account the product’s perceived benefit and price flexibility.


Scalability and Versatility:

Select products that can be customized and scaled up easily to meet the dynamic consumer needs.


Branding and Personalization:

Focus on products that favor creative, visually appealing, and personalized design.

Employ branding and customization to distinguish your offerings in a competitive market.


Why Choose Printchester as Your Print on Demand Products Partner?

Printchester print on demand website in india

There are several compelling reasons to choose Printchester as your print on demand (POD) partner:

1. Seamless Integration and Order Management

Printchester can connect directly to the most popular eCommerce platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce. You can easily manage orders, stock, and finance through their merchant panel in one unified location.


2. Fast Fulfillment and Reliable Shipping

Printchester’s reliable production and logistics systems guarantee fast shipping and delivery. They handle the whole manufacturing, packaging, and delivery process and minimize your operational troubles.


3. High-Quality Products and Printing

Printchester ensures excellent quality products. They conduct stringent quality inspections to preserve brand integrity before shipping all orders.

4. Customization and Design Flexibility

Printchester’s easy-to-use design tool lets you easily create beautiful and unique products. You can try different styles and see whether or not they will resonate with your clients.


5. Dedicated Account Management

During your collaboration, an enthusiastic account manager will provide tailored guidance and support for the Printchester brand. Their expertise may improve your marketing and supply chain plans and your company’s overall expansion.


6. Competitive Pricing 

Printchester provides competitive fulfillment fee structures that will allow you to generate healthy profit margins.



When creating your own business, a world of print on demand is already a gateway to successful online businesses.

Pick particular POD items according to customer demand. The POD market offers a wide range of products, from classic essentials like t-shirts and hoodies to unique pieces like personalized joggers and sweatshirts.

Frequently Asked Questions

T-shirts and hoodies, being classics, continue to enjoy high demand. However, the new trends in the print-on-demand product market for 2024 will also witness increased popularity.

To identify profitable niches for your print-on-demand business:


  • Examine market trends and customer search data using Google Trends.
  • Evaluate top-selling products in the desired niche on platforms like Etsy and Amazon.
  • Perform surveys or interviews with the target customers to discover their problems and preferences.

When designing print-on-demand products, focus on the following key considerations: 


  • An original and creative pattern in your designs will attract attention.
  • Relevance for your prospective customers’ audience and their current needs.
  • Agility across various product groups, for instance, apparel, accessories, and home goods.
  • Scalability to allow easy product expansion and variants.

Leveraging user-generated content (UGC) can be a sure-handed tactic for your print-on-demand enterprise:


  • Invite your customers not only by a photo she has been wearing your products but also by sharing your content on social media platforms.
  • It is necessary to show the best UGC on product pages and marketing campaigns.
  • Be generous with the customer by providing them some incentives like discounts and shoutouts to anyone who shares your content

Diversifying your print-on-demand product portfolio can provide several benefits:


  • Serving a broader scope of customer tastes and requirements.
  • Equalize the probability of “over-specialization” of one product/niche.
  • Maximize cross-selling and up-selling ways to increase the average orders’ value.
  • Adapt the market trends and consumer demands faster.

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